Making TrakCare Data Moves Smooth

Switching your clinical PAS systems to TrakCare can be a big deal. That's where we at JTX IT Consultancy step in. We're all about a hassle-free, effective data migration. To keep things running smoothly and dodge any operational hiccups, we offer:

We're here to team up with you, getting a real grip on what your business needs. Our goal? A migration strategy that focuses on your patients, ensures everyone gets a fair shake, and maintains top-notch data integrity and security.

Check Out Our TrakCare Migration Wins

We're pretty proud of our knack for nailing TrakCare data migrations. Our team's been in the trenches, helping heaps of healthcare folks get more from their data. Here's the lowdown on a couple of our standout projects:

MercyAscot Hospitals, Auckland (New Zealand)

Over at MercyAscot Hospitals in Auckland, we rocked a smooth switch to TrakCare. We teamed up with the hospital crew, got the full picture of what they needed, and mapped out a migration that put patients first. The result? Smoother operations and fairer outcomes.

Yeovil District Hospital, Somerset (UK)

Then there's our stint with Yeovil District Hospital in the UK. We kept our eyes on the ball for data safety and integrity, pulling off a TrakCare migration that barely made a ripple in their day-to-day. We stuck around after to make sure the hospital team was all set to roll with the new system.

These stories are just a taste of what JTX IT Consultancy can do for your healthcare data migration. Keen to chat about getting your own success story? We're all ears.