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JTX IT Consultancy is your go-to ally for primo IT services. Kicked off in 2014 by a duo of tech-savvy brothers in Glasgow, Scotland, we've sprouted into a globally acknowledged consultancy, with a cool little hub now buzzing in Auckland, New Zealand. Our global stride gives us the mojo to dish out a wide array of services like Integration, Cloud Migration, Data Migration, Reporting/BI, Training, and Testing to a colorful spectrum of clientele. From the heart of Scotland to the vibrant vibes of New Zealand, we’re spreading IT magic, one project at a time.

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Our Implementation Services

At JTX IT Consultancy, we're all about crafting neat, full-circle solutions that make transitions smooth sailing for your outfit. Our know-how isn't just broad, it's deep, spanning a medley of industries. And here's the kicker - we custom-tailor our solutions to gel with the unique vibe and needs of each client on our roster. It's not just about meeting needs, it's about nailing them with a personal touch.

Project Mastery

We've got the knack for steering projects right, aligning with your goals and making implementation a breeze.

Insightful Reporting

Dive into data with our sharp Reporting and Data insight services – it's a game changer.

Smooth Data Migration

Move your data with confidence. We ensure a safe and precise transition to your new system.

Slick Integration

We mesh your system with others for a seamless exchange of data and smooth conversations.

Thorough Testing

We play the tough tester to ensure your system ticks like clockwork, boosting efficiency and quality.

Tailored Training

Our custom training sessions equip your team to get the most out of the new system – no sweat.

Cloud Transition

Elevate your system to the cloud. It's about effortless scalability and access, anywhere.

Tune-ups & Boosts

We keep your system in the top form, ensuring it's always updated and optimized for peak performance.

Network Solutions

Solid network solutions that support your business hustle without a hitch.

Cyber Shield

Guard your digital realm with our advanced cyber security services – a fortress for your data.

Backup & Bounce Back

Keep your business rolling with solid data backup and swift disaster recovery solutions.

Web Craftsmanship

Carve out a compelling online presence with our pro web design and development squad.

Who we work with:

We're chuffed to bits working with such a brilliant mix of clients and partners. Our international presence and cracking partnerships let us whip up first-class, bespoke services. What really makes our day? Crafting solid, trusty relationships with our valued clients and partners.

Team Members

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Tom Cross

Chief Digital Officer

Amanda Cross

Chief Financial Officer

Kanowkan Fanprom

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Cross

Chief Transformation Officer

Jonathan Cross

Chief Cloud Officer

Rich Smith


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Got an IT challenge on your hands? We're here to make it easy-peasy. From nailing down those tricky integrations to giving your team the tech lowdown, JTX IT Consultancy has your back. We're the partners you need in the worlds of Health, Banking, and Insurance IT. Think it's time for a chat? Hit us up for a quote, and let's start plotting your tech success story today. No jargon, no fuss – just smart solutions tailored just for you.

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