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The Imperative of Cloud Migration

As the healthcare sector embarks on a digital transformation, the decision to move on-premise infrastructure to the cloud is not just a strategic choice but a necessary step toward sustainability and security.

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Integration Services in Healthcare – Moving Forward with REST APIs and FHIR

Imagine you're using a map that's a decade old. Sure, it'll get you places, but wouldn't a GPS be quicker, more accurate, and less of a headache? In the world of healthcare IT, moving from old-school database integrations to modern REST APIs and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is kind of like upgrading to GPS from your old map. Let's break this down into simpler terms and see why this shift matters in healthcare..

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Making Sense of HL7 in Healthcare: A Novice’s Guide

Explore how HL7 serves as a universal translator in healthcare data management, facilitating smoother patient data handling for enhanced healthcare delivery.

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Unlocking Healthcare Innovation with HealthShare Health Connect Cloud

Discover how HealthShare Health Connect Cloud by InterSystems revolutionises healthcare data integration and cloud security, enhancing patient care and administrative efficiency in New Zealand.

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