Secure and Efficient Data Management Solutions

At JTX IT Consultancy, we specialise in providing top-tier data backup and security solutions. Our services are designed to offer complete protection for your digital assets, ensuring peace of mind and continuity for your business. Explore our range of services tailored to safeguard your data against all forms of digital threats.

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Office 365 Backup: Complete Protection for Your Office Suite

Secure your emails, calendars, contacts, and files stored in Microsoft Office 365. Effortless restoration and access to your Office 365 data, safeguarding against accidental deletion and cyber threats.

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Xero Backup: Safeguarding Your Financial Data

Protect your sensitive financial data on Xero with automated, continuous backups. Rapid recovery capabilities to minimize downtime and maintain financial continuity.

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QuickBooks Backup: Ensuring Your Accounting Data is Always Safe

Keep your accounting records safe with our QuickBooks backup solution. Enjoy peace of mind with automated backups and quick data restoration.

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Salesforce Backup: Secure Your Customer Data

Comprehensive backup of your Salesforce data, maintaining the integrity of customer relationships. Easy management and recovery of Salesforce records, ensuring business resilience.

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Azure VM Backup: Robust Protection for Your Virtual Environments

Advanced backup solutions for Azure Virtual Machines, supporting a range of configurations. Fast, reliable recovery to ensure continuous availability of your critical applications.

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Google Workspace Backup: All-Around Data Protection

Complete backup of your Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drive, and more. Simple, yet powerful tools to manage and restore data as needed.

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AKS Kubernetes Backup: Future-Proof Your Containerised Applications

Specialised backup solutions for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), safeguarding your containerized applications. Streamline the protection of your Kubernetes environments with efficient backup and restore processes.

Why Choose Redstor Solutions at JTX IT Consultancy?

  • Innovative Technology: Cutting-edge solutions that evolve with your business needs.
  • Uncompromised Security: State-of-the-art encryption to protect your data at rest and in transit.
  • Easy Management: Intuitive interfaces for hassle-free backup and recovery operations.
  • Expert Support: Our team at JTX IT Consultancy is always ready to assist you with any queries or support you might need.

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